Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Am I Competent?

Am I Competent? - Coming from a philosophy background, I pride myself on asking good questions. This is a question that has been echoing in the back of my head for a while: Am I a competent healthcare administrator? Moving past the simple answers (Yes, I am qualified for my job. No, I don't have the right experience or the right training), I think this is a question that should make every healthcare manager pause.

I am sure that many managers would attest to some of the following statements: I do what I think is best for the organization, I see the big picture, I have gotten positive feedback on my performance reviews, I manage the budget, I have increased volume. But are these enough? Have you ever asked yourself: Am I using the right tools? Are we stuck in a rut that I can't even see? Could we actually provide truly error-free care? What am I doing that is keeping the organization from succeeding? Am I not the right leader for my department at this time?

My hope is that these questions would motivate healthcare leaders to build their managerial toolboxes and take bold steps to make radical changes in their organizations. Good organizations can become great and even great organizations can strive to raise the bar. I am reminded of another question that motivates me: Have I done my best work yet? If your answer is yes, then it is time to retire. If your answer is no, then you are ready for the challenge and you have taken at least one step towards competence.


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