Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Strategy for Mental Health

I haven’t written about mental health and substance abuse yet, which is odd to me, because my major was psychology and I learned something about that branch of healthcare before I knew anything about the rest. What I learned was that mental healthcare in this country is seriously broken. The unfortunate history and development of mental healthcare is that these individuals were hidden away from “normal” society and very few resources were subsequently invested into a comprehensive mental health and substance abuse healthcare system. The sad reality is that even though many, many Americans will suffer as a result of having a mental health condition or substance abuse problem (or know someone that does), we have not decided, as a society, to discuss the issues of the mental health system in the public forum or sufficiently pay for that type of care.

I bring up mental health and substance abuse, because, as it seems to be the case lately, I have found a report that I think should and will have a significant impact on the direction of mental health and substance abuse care. The report is entitled, “From Study to Action: A Strategic Plan for Transformation of Mental Health Care”. The report is the second in a series of publications that brings together previous national studies on mental healthcare, including the IOM’s Crossing the Quality Chasm, and creates a “crosswalk” between them. In other words, this report finds the common ground between significant policy papers and forges strategies for action. I think that publications like this are significant because they give us a framework through which to focus our transformation efforts. When some of the stakeholders in healthcare, and in this case, mental healthcare, can agree on documents like this as a starting point for discussion, they can get to the work of real, constructive change.


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