Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Update on CAHPS

As promised yesterday on Hospital Impact, here is an update on the CAHPS survey, the standardized patient experience survey that will be collected by CMS and the results posted on the internet.

I started following the development of the CAHPS survey a few years ago. At first it was the major patient satisfaction survey vendors that were jockeying for particular questions and modes of survey delivery. In the end, there appeared to be a compromise on survey delivery (there will be 4 different modes of delivery), but it seemed that NRC Picker won the ideological battle over the questions. The 27 question survey asks about the patient's experience during their stay rather than assess the patient's satisfaction with particular aspects of care. Following the initial design, CMS conducted a 3 state pilot. The results can be found here.

Since I haven't checked in on the CAHPS survey for a while, I had assumed I missed the first phases of the survey implementation. It turns out that we are at the cusp of the implementation. The deadline for signing up for the "dry run" is May 22nd. The dry run will allow hospitals and vendors to collect data for a few months without the data being published. Once that is finished a nine-month data collection period will follow and scores will be publicly released on in late 2007.

Alright hospitals, are your ready for the survey?


  • What will CAHPS do with the data they collect? When? What is the cost of this program? I am very familar with hospitalcompare and assorted other data collecting entities. What is the impact of these efforts? The bottom line for the public?

    By Blogger JustThinking, at 1:59 PM  

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